Venture Leaders 2017
swissnex China

The Venture Leaders opening talk offered the chance for discussions and networking. © swissnex China

Reception at the Swiss Embassy: The Venture Leaders receive a warm welcome in Beijing. © swissnex China

Investor pitching event in Shanghai: A selected group of venture capitalists, angel funds and entrepreneurs were invited to the Swiss start-up pitching event on the Bund. © swissnex China

The Swiss start-up team at the WEF Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian. © swissnex China

End of the intensive ten-day coaching and business development trip: Hong Kong wrap-up pitching event. © swissnex China

Venture Leaders landed in China with ten ambitious and gifted start-up entrepreneurs. During the intensive ten-day coaching and business development trip, the Venture Leaders team accepted a unique opportunity to gain higher visibility at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions organized in Dalian China, offering exposure to CEOs and government officials. The start-ups were afforded the chance to gain access to and acquire insight into one of the world’s fastest-growing markets.

It was the 4th edition of Venture leaders in China: started in 2014, this program is successfully helping Swiss start-ups to discover the potential offered by China’s innovation scene and market. While China is not always the first destination for Swiss start-ups, which might be frightened by the size of its market and which may look elsewhere for innovation partnerships, swissnex China is convinced that there is a huge potential to be explored in this field and that many opportunities are available for Swiss innovation stakeholders.

The Venture Leaders China trip visited the most dynamic and innovative cities: Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, before a final wrap-up in Hong Kong. The Venture Leaders program in China aims to offer an efficient, eye-opening opportunity for Swiss start-ups to access local intelligence, networking opportunities and a soft-landing space at swissnex China.

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