Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days

Accelerating the energy transition

In August, the Boston and New York sections of Swissnex hosted the ninth annual Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days, bringing 100 researchers, entrepreneurs and policymakers from both countries together in Bern. Over three days, they explored the cutting-edge technologies and methods aiding the transition to sustainable energy systems, from digital twins of buildings, cities, and national power grids to using electric cars and trains for flexible energy storage. One of the conference’s main themes was the importance of data to manage the current energy resources more efficiently and to optimize the design of new energy projects, including alpine solar farms, district heating networks, and power grids. To get a first-hand look at the scope of the Swiss energy innovation ecosystem, attendees took part in site visits to startups, sustainable real estate developments, and infrastructure projects around the canton of Bern.

After the conference, Swissnex in Boston and New York published a conference highlight video and a digital report entitled “Accelerating the Energy Transition: Insights from the Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days 2022”. It outlines the main takeaways from the conference, features interviews with leading researchers and policymakers, and describes some of the broader trends in the Swiss and US energy ecosystems.