Science Diplomacy at Ground Zero

Science Diplomacy, still in its early stages, is rapidly evolving, making it increasingly challenging to disentangle diplomacy from the pervasive influence of science and technology. The foundational principle of science diplomacy lies in thoroughly examining historical interactions among international entities through mining big data sets using 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies. The Science and Technology Office (STO) anticipates its extensive collaboration with South Africa in the realm of the 4IR, encompassing blockchain and artificial intelligence. It will contribute to the discourse on science diplomacy through their innovation collaboration.

The collaboration between Switzerland and South Africa in health innovation is poised to make substantial contributions by applying science and technology, furthering the cause of science diplomacy. As part of major scientific initiatives, Switzerland's participation in the Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO) adds another dimension to the role of big science projects in advancing science diplomacy.

The STO is actively taking science diplomacy to the forefront by deploying various instruments in their scientific collaborations and partnerships to address local and global challenges. As part of their modest contribution, they hosted a cybersecurity symposium featuring Swiss expert Dr Serge Droz, a pivotal element in the evolution of technology that supports democracy, guiding its transition into the digital age.

Reflecting on the accomplishments of 2023, the STO office takes pride in its pursuit of excellence through bilateral partnerships in education, research, and innovation. Their collective efforts contribute to the shared goal of establishing a just society through science diplomacy.

SU International Symposium © Swiss Embassy
Reception of South African Delegation at SERI, Bern
Reception of South African Delegation at SERI, Bern © Swiss Embassy